To the adventure

by Lunatic Wolf

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released November 25, 2014

Produced and mixed by Jacques du Plessis and Gavin van den Berg at High Seas Studios
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, assisted by Rich Morales



all rights reserved


Lunatic Wolf Johannesburg, South Africa

Lunatic Wolf is a contemporary folk-rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Track Name: Sure as Hell
Look at the horizon
It's coming straight for us
Round up the oxygen
For us
Cause maybe we will need it
Sure as hell we will need it

We are born in a maze
And we take the road most travelled
Just know when you get to the end
You can't go back to the start again

If you are right when you tell me
I am able
I'll keep working at this then
Please just tell me this is normal
I don't have much hope
For the start again

In this life
You will fail to see all sides
But you won’t be alone
Track Name: The Tallest Tree
I climbed the tallest tree in the garden
Just like when I was small
The oldest tree in the garden 
Just like when I was small
Now the branches wiser

Why did this happen?
How did I grow so tall?
It's hard to take back what's taken
So long to form

I used to sit here and swing here
But now it seems too tall
I guess I could do it 
But I feel that I may fall 

Trust in the wind to set us straight again
I don't want to take my head that way
To live like this is bold
It's tempting trying to walk this way 
When every thought directs the show
Track Name: Roses
Roses line pavements
That’s all I see
When I close my eyes
After you’ve looked back at me

So much taller now
I can see over all your walls
And your garden so delightful

Our love became a rhythm
That I could not
That I could not help but find
It happened when I least expected it

So much stronger now
Our hearts gone there and back again
Just like the words we'll speak
They won’t break
Track Name: So Much More
Down by the ocean
Where memories announce like waves
They tug and they pull yet I know
It’s them I can’t escape
They will control me
Like the summer moon that wanes

Now it’s this in a call
And it’s hard to feel your sentiment
My head runs like crazy
This reality is bent

And it will consume me
Though I know it shouldn’t at all

A little dedication is all I can give you now
A gesture in words
A subtle vow
And a reminder of a moment we shared

I’m wide open
Maybe you’d be happy to know
That this vulnerability is finally starting to show
And it scares me to death
How did you get to expose me?

I think more of tomorrow
Today I can’t appreciate
Where does the wind blow?
What direction will it take?
Will it subside?
Will it fade?
Cause I won’t let it

I know there’s a reason why
I took this path
And so did you
Now it’s up to us to write the way

Plans are for planners
And I know we're both afraid
Of the consequences
And the grandeur they proclaim
But oh what a story
Oh what a tale
Track Name: Throwing out the Mail
Throwing out the mail cause the winter’s calling
I make plans to see you but there's always something
Phone’s never ringing
But my diary is empty
My suspicion’s in my hand
And I feel lady justice has her hands in the muck 

Teaching more than I have been taught 
And it's getting heavy
But I won't give up

Times like this I'm a little watchful
A little more pronounced 
She propositions and I sway
I sway my hands
Every thought directs the show
Track Name: I Sold My Hopes
I sold my hopes
On the street to a young man
He had a map and a master plan
Tied to his waist was a sword
And tender were his words
“Why do we all have ready feet?”

I sold my hopes
Cost me nothing to give them away
But it sure meant something
Something I found hard to display or recognise
Seen it all before through these tired and weary eyes
I can’t let that happen to you
No, not for the life of me

I’m barking up the street
It only echoes back at me
I intend to find that face I’ll recognise
What’s that?
Through the crowd I see him bow
But it’s me he sees right through
Track Name: Growing up, Growing Old
Growing up, I'm growing old
But I never seem to find the courage to fit the mould
I'm speeding up but I will stop
I will stop to read the papers and buy her flowers

This is just the start of the road
Just the tip of your toe
A day in amazement
All this knowing that I won't last

Not giving up, not letting go
I'm not parting with the memories that we know
Just where we'll end up I don't know
I will stop to read the papers and buy her flowers

I know this
I've noticed the seasons more now
And I've come to show you
I can hold a steady ship
I won't stop, no I won't stop
Track Name: I Used To
God damn your eyes
I've been pent up here for days
I can't seem to lead my thoughts 
You were dubious and I afraid to face the facts
Worst of all you knew it too

I used to think it all made sense 
I used to take myself to the deepest end
I used to feed the word regret
Now I feel paralysed
Track Name: Please Don't
Please don't tell me that I’ve got charisma
When all my money has gone
It doesn't take me seeing my bent shadow
To know, to know that I've gone

Bring me to my crooked knees
But hold my hand
So you can't leave 
Look away love 
Just don't look down 
I am a thief watching my neighbour be
A thief by nurture

I’ll never stop
Can’t push this feeling
Not all is said and done
I’ll never stop
Forever feeding
You’re my aqualung
Track Name: Cannonballs
Cannonballs for nervousness
Paint some scars, decorate a chest
Take it all and raise it on the pedestal
Load the stalls
Lay down your bets
Pick a horse and risk its neck
And leave nothing for you or me or anyone

There’s a little more round the bend
So let’s pretend
That we’re all stars
And we amount to something
Track Name: To the Adventure
Take the day and turn instead
To the adventure you playground dreamt
Where have I seen this all before?

Take the day and listen in
To all those that stand and grin
Where have I seen this all before?
In lines of poets who write no more

Fall back retreat
And come back to me
Fall back retreat
Won’t you come back to me
Fall back retreat
And come back to me

Oh mother of love
I wish I knew your child
Do you remember my name?